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The Oranges of Sicily
Book, The Oranges of Sicily, Simebooks

The Oranges of Sicily

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A culinary history of the world’s most important fruit + 30 curious recipes

Author: Vinci Bellomo
Photographer: Alessandro Saffo, Antonino Bartuccio
Illustrator: Monica Parussolo, Salvo Scherma
Translator: Richard Sadleir


Sicily grows the world’s nest fruit! Discover the orange and the thousands of tales told of it—the curiosities, techniques, traditions, and mysteries ...
You will sense its perfume on page after page as you savor the recipes dedicated to the juicy orange—devised by great Sicilian and Italian gourmet chefs. They include sword sh parcels scented with citrus fruits; tuna and salad garnished with orange segments; octopus and cuttle sh; or Danish pastry with orange and the marzipan candies of Martorana. In savoring these delights you will experience Sicily through the best possible introduction: the pleasures of the palate! You will discover little- known varieties and their special features.
In this book you will nd our complete love for citrus fruit: the hallmark bounty of this sun-kissed Island, where oranges, lemons, and mandarins nd the perfect microclimate to perfect all their qualities and richness. You will discover their outstanding, sense-stimulating properties, and their stores of Vitamin C, phosphorus, and Vitamin B12—ingredients that are a humming hymn to health. The land of Sicily is fragrant with lemons and mandarins.


6,4x6,4 inches
144 pages
Edition 2018
ISBN 978-88-99180-38-6