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Puglia in Cucina - The flavours of Apulia
Book, Puglia in Cucina - The flavours of Apulia, Simebooks

Puglia in Cucina - The flavours of Apulia

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80 ricette della tradizione (e non)
80 traditional a non-traditional recipes

Author: Author: William Dello Russo
Photographer: Colin Dutton


The gastronomic culture of Puglia captured in 80 recipes. But Puglia in cucina is not just another cookbook: it offers an authentic insight into Puglia’s culinary art and culture, side by side with a photographic journey through the region.
Alongside traditional fare are recipes with a touch of creativity, as well as invaluable advice on pairing with local wines. The book includes an entire section on wines from historic wineries, as well as a few new arrivals.
The cuisine of Puglia comes from both the land and sea. Its ingredients reflect the nature of the region, coming together in dishes that are ’simple’ in the noblest sense of the world. The quality of these ingredients stems from farming and fishing traditions that are thousands of years old. And since so many of the dishes have the most humble origins, they are generally easy to prepare.


Bilingual Italiano, English
7.7 x 9.3 inches
288 pages
III Edition 2016
ISBN 978-88-95218-19-9


William Dello Russo was born in Puglia and now lives in Milan. He has written tourist guides to Italy, contributed to art history and tourism magazines, and has authored numerous art books. Since 2014 he is editor for the Sime Books publishing house, where he is responsible for all publications both as author and series coordinator.

Colin Dutton After earning a degree in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport, Colin has since moved to Italy, where he works on a broad range of editorial and commercial assignments. Colin also undertakes personal work and long-term projects in collaboration with NGOs and educational organizations. His work has twice been exhibited at London’s Photofusion Gallery and featured in the photographic press and on BBC television in the UK. His clients include: The Independent Magazine (UK), THe Observer Life Magazine (UK), BBC Television (UK), The Sunday Telegraph Magazine (UK), Le Figaro (France), Conde Nast Traveler (UK and Italy), Vanity Fair (Italy), Meridiani (Italy), Anna (Italy), Viaggi del Gusto (Italy), Saveur Magazine (USA), National Geographic (USA), Neon Magazine (Germany), Maxim Fashion (Germany), Lloyds TSB (UK), Comic Relief (UK).

Pietro Zito’s uncle used to say that you need to ‘Know your produce, respect it, and look after it from the seed’. Zito has made this philosophy his own. So, is Zito a chef? No, he’s a qualified agriculture expert with a passion for cooking and for his part of Italy, which has changed dramatically under the influence of the modern world. Zito has set out to create a kind of Garden of Eden with his sprawling vegetable farm, where he grows all the vegetables served in his restaurant. Although Cibus occupies an ancient monastery transformed into a culinary temple, chef Lillino Silibello and his wife don’t put on any airs or graces, and welcome diners with genuine warmth. Alongside the regional specialties – the product of an impressive collection of traditional recipes, cooking techniques of yesteryear and general curiosity – the menu is constantly updated with Silibello’s latest creations.

Peppe Zullo’s culinary travels have led him from the tiny town of Orsara di Puglia to the United States, to Mexico and back home again. And it’s more than fitting that he should end up in a place called Piano Paradiso (Paradise Plain). His Orto dei Sapori (Garden of Tastes) and Bosco dei Sapori Perduti (Forest of Lost Flavours) seem more like fairytale realms than real places. And yet they’re the source of all the ingredients in a cooking style with close ties to this land and its mountain flavours.