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Lombardia in Cucina - The flavours of Lombardy
Book Lombarda in Cucina, The flavours of Lombardy, Simebooks

Lombardia in Cucina - The flavours of Lombardy

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80 ricette della tradizione
80 traditional recipes

Author: William Dello Russo
Photographer: Massimo Ripani
Translator: Angela Arnone


Milan-style risotto, pizzoccheri Valtellinesi and pumpkin tortelli to start; casoeula, Milan-style cutlets, frogs stewed in tomato to follow, and to end, a slice of sbrisolona cake or panettone. Lombardy surprises with the richness of its culinary traditions and natural ingredients, which modernity has barely affected.  The book captures this kaleidoscope of flavours, with contributions from some of the most celebrated chefs on the culinary scene, who pay homage to their territory, and whose skill is able to present a modern vision in keeping with the region’s progressive spirit..


Bilingual Italiano, English
7.7 x 9.3 inches
288 pages
ISBN 978-88-95218-90-8