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Gocce magiche in cucina
A drop of magic in your kitchen

Author: Gloria Midolini
Photographer: Stefano Scatà
Translator: Deborah Davies


Balsamic vinegar has a long history and, yet at the same time, a really modern flavour. It is a concentrate that is unique and powerful in both history and taste. An incredible and natural enhancer, which rather than masking the taste of food exalts it to its maximum, intensifying the very flavour itself.
Modern cooking has freed itself of the stereotype of balsamic vinegar as purely a simple dressing for salads and dips, finally giving this precious nectar, made from grape must, an image as an alround basic in the kitchen.
The more than 70 recipes in this book show how just a dash is enough to transform vegetables and eggs, meat and fish, pasta and risotto, desserts, creams and ice cream into attractive dishes with a unique and extraordinary flavour.


Bilingual Italiano, English
6.5 x 9.4 inches
192 pages
I Edition 2016
ISBN 978-88-99180-18-8


Stefano Scata Born in Pordenone in 1956, following an arts degree from Bologna University, Stefano Scatà became a photographer in 1984 and has worked for the leading Italian and international magazines. He specializes in travel photojournalism, paying particular attention to lifestyle. A great food lover, he soon came into contact with the world of food and everything in its orbit. The resulting books, in which the eye of the camera captures the soul of its subject with great simplicity, are characterized by great enthusiasm and freshness.

Gloria Midolini Graduated in Business administration, lover of art and all that is beautiful, with two children, Angelica and Ludovico, and an intense life between Friuli and Bologna, always traveling looking out for new business opportunities for the family concerns, the task of inventing a new future for their balsamic vinegar activity has fallen to her. The passion that she has inherited for this enterprise from her father together with her real love of cooking, has brought her to look closer at recipes prepared with balsamic vinegar and experiment with ever more original combinations. Gloria has innovated the use of this dressing, transforming balsamic vinegar from a simple finishing touch to an all round ingredient, demonstrating how to use a high quality product in the creation of dishes that are both simple and yet, at the same time refined.