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Terra d’arte e meraviglie
Land of Art and Wonders

It seems practically impossible to describe Tuscany by using uncommon photographs and little knownsubjects. This book aims at doing just that by taking you through the great moments in the history of the Etruscans, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance. Then it will take you to the “art capital of the world” which is Florence, as well as through all the other large and small villages that make up the unparalleled mosaic of marvels: Lucca, Pisa, Arezzo, Siena, Pienza and San Gimignano. It will take you from the Tuscan archipelago to the forest-covered mountains, from the beaches to the countryside all the way to the patient human work in the marble quarries and in the most refined artisan creations. Finally, this book will show you the festivals and rituals of Tuscany,its world reknowned cuisine as well as its legendary friendliness.

Author: William Dello Russo
Photographer: Massimo Borchi, Guido Cozzi, Stefano Amantini
Translator: Paola Gandrus


Bilingual Italiano - English
8x8 Inches
240 pages
ISBN 978-88-99180-39-3